Wheel of Life

Stroboskopische Scheibe

Grundriss Der Physik Und Meteorologie: Für Lyceen, Gymnasien, Gewerbeund - und Realschulen, Sowie Zum Selbstunterrichte
by Johann Heinrich Jacob Müller. 1866 edition. Braunschweig : F. Vieweg und Sohn

pagination unreliable. Also: see notes below.

Hopwood (1899) explains: "Muller in 1846 applied this instrument for the demonstration of wave motion,.... One application is shown in fig. 10, where a pendulum appears to swing as the successive stages of that action are momentarilly perceived through the slots by means of mirror." (p. 14). Hopwood's illustration is similar to Müller's fig. 324, but with 8 slots rather than 12.

The book from which the page above is taken is not by Johannes Peter Muller (1801-1858), the famous scientist who studied visual perception and apparently used stroboscopic discs to do so.

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