Wheel of Life

THANK YOU to all those who have kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce their illustrations, both static and animated, on this website. It would be nothing without these important pictures.

I'm trying to credit all illustrations (some will take a little while to be properly captioned), where necessary with Creative Commons links, or links to their original appearance on the web. If you see a picture that you believe is yours and it is not credited, please contact me.

You will see on this website several images that are very familiar from their extensive (uncredited and unauthorized) use on the web. Some of these I created way back - a box label design for a commercial zoetrope, animated phenakistiscope disc and zoetrope strip - so a decade or more later I'm making use of them again myself.

Thanks are also due to all those who have supplied information over the years; your invaluable help has been (and is) much appreciated.

This site is dedicated to "The Collectors" - those folk who have squirrelled away these ephemeral things to ensure that we can delight in them a century or two after their original appearance.

And of course, a final thank you to Joseph Plateau, Simon Stampfer, William Lincoln - I could go on and on.... and I probably will!

Stephen Herbert

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