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April 9 Edward James Muggeridge born, Kingston upon Thames, England. Family home at about that time is 30 High Street, then known as West by Thames, or Town's End. [Haas]. Some biographies have his actual birthplace as The Bittoms (near the County Hall). (Father: John Muggeridge, Mother: Susanna Smith, b. 20 Nov 1807).

May 9 baptized, Kingston upon Thames.


March 26 brother Thomas Smith Muggeridge (d.1923) born: Kingston Upon Thames. [family tree ]


** in 1841 UK Census. Parish of Kingston upon Thames - and under place lists: 'Townsend':
John Muggeridge Corn Dealer Age 35. Lupanna/Susannah must be the wife, 30. John Muggeridge, 14. Edward, 11. George, 8. Thomas, 6.
Also at Townsend (same street) but different family group:
Chas. Muggeridge, 25 Maltster. Ann Muggeridge, 25 Not born in same place. Charles, 4. Annie, 2. Richard, 8 mos. [information from Kate Perry, email to SH, March 2009].


March father John Muggeridge (b.1797), corn / coal chandler, dies. According to Haas, the Parish register states that he was buried on 5th March, and gives his age at death as 46. However, in the 1841 census his age is given as 35. [Haas 3]


** brother John, who changed his surname to Wybridge, (b. 1827), dies. [Haas 4]


**emigrates to America, arrives July on the SS Liverpool.
Begins bookselling in New York. Possible bookselling partnership with a Mr. Bartlett ("Bartlett and Muygridge"), in New York at about this time. [The descendants of Dr. James Hunter, who came to Canada from Yorkshire (1925) page 39]


Autumn settles in San Francisco and continues in book business. Opens a bookstore at 113 Montgomery Street. [Haas 7]


April 28 places ad as book salesman in San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin.

April / May name change 'What had been Muggridge in April 1856 had become Muygridge by May 16, 1856.' [Hendricks 8]

November 7 Applies for 'first papers', Naturalization. Noted in Index to Declarations of Intention for Citizenship 1851-1906 [ACR 2534535]. [] Original Index page has name in manuscript, transcribed as 'E.I. Muygridge'. The original page number in the Index is: 147. The index entry notes: 'Bk: 2 page:21' - presumably the volume and page number of the original court application record, which has not yet been researched. Does not proceed with later stage.

Also: 1856-57 (approx} partnered with W.H. Oakes, as Oakes and Muygridge. [The Crayon, New York, September 1857]


March 2 E. ]. Muygridge registered as a guest at the Sierra House in Coloma, California, on March 2, 1857. Sierra Nevada House Register, 1855-1859. [Pioneer photographers of the far west: a biographical dictionary, p.414. Peter E. Palmquist, Thomas R. Kailbourn (2000)]

June 5 advertises illustrated editions of Shakespeare, and A History of the United States, (partworks). [Solnit 261]

September 11 San Francisco Daily Bulletin lists Muygridge's 'large case of splendid books' at the Mechanics' Fair. [Solnit 261]

October 8 advertises pamphlet about the Great Eastern steamship. [Solnit 261]

** court case, 'Swift v. Muygridge', listed in various later legal journals as a case in which the judge had made a statement which was used in later cases as a precedent. Subject of case not known. Muygridge was either Edward, or one of his brothers. [research continues]

December 14 San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin Muygridge advertisement, Illustrated Books.


May 17 Daily Alta California, advertisement, p.2

August 31 shows steel engravings and illustrated books at Mechanics' Fair. [Solnit 261]

September 30 advertises History of the Indian Mutiny and The Chinese Empire. [Solnit 261]

December 13 Daily Alta California, Volume 10, Number 342, 13 December 1858. Muygridge selling Watkins photograph.

December 13 selling 'Baster's oil pictures' [Solnit 261] (should be Baxter's)


November 3 elected a director of the Mercantile Library.[Solnit 261]

December 27 advertises for sale 'an Alsatian blood hound and four pups' E.J.M. 163 Clay'. [Solnit 261]

** month not yet known, Sacramento Bee, obit (or birth/marriage notice) of a Muygridge (not Muybridge) this year. Could be death of brother George? [] (newspaper search for Muygridge).


February 1 news item, Muygridge at 115 Battery St has some Audubon's Birds of America plates, and taking subs for new edition. [Solnit 262]

March 16 at 115 Battery - 'money to loan'. [Solnit 262]

May 10 brothers Thomas and George join the book business. [Hend] but [Haas 8] says George died in San Francisco in 1858.

May 15 Daily Evening Bulletin, Muygridge advert: stock sold to his brother Thomas. States that he is about to leave for Yosemite, then on 5 June to Europe via New York. (But Yosemite trip apparently didn't take place, and he left for New York later than 5th June.) Solicits commissions to purchase books etc in Europe. [Solnit 37, but she says 1859]

June 12 advertises 'happy in in receiving any commissions my friends may entrust me with for the purchase of books engravings or works of art.' [Solnit 262]

July 2 leaves San Francisco by Butterfield Overland Stage coach, for the East.

July 22 (circa), suffers serious head injury in stagecoach accident north of Fort Worth. Hospital Fort Smith.

August 7 San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin publishes account of accident. [Shimamura]

September 28 British patent no. 2352. An improved method of and apparatus for plate printing. MUGGERIDGE, E. (Patented by August Frederick Sheppard.) [Alphabetical Index of Patentees and Applications for Patents, p.130]. Augustus Frederick Sheppard was partnered with a Mr. Riley, they were solicitors. See Patents page on this website.

late summer? arrives New York City, starts lawsuit against Butterfield Overland Mail Stage Company.

Autumn (or later) leaves New York for England.


** San Francisco Directory lists 'Edw. and Thomas Muygridge' at 423 Washington, Thomas as agent of London Publishing Company. [Solnit 262]

**early months of 1861 returns to New York to proceed with claim against Butterfield Co. [Haas 10]

** by Summer, back in England again. [Haas 10]

** application for washing machine patent.

August 1 British patent for washing machine: no.1914. Edward James Muygridge, of San Francisco, at present residing at No.6, St, John's Villas, Adelaide Road, St, John's Wood, in the County of Middlesex, for an invention for - "Improvements in machinery or apparatus for washing clothes and other textile articles." Letters Patent sealed. [Chronological index of patents applied for and patents granted, for the year 1861, p.126] See Patents page on this website.

August 17

Courtesy Peter Muridge

(c/o Mrs Wyburn, 6 St Johns Villas, Adelaide Rd, St Johns Wood, London) writes to uncle, Henry Selfe in Australia, re: washing machine, plate printing, etc., and states he will shortly leave for the Continent ...'on business that may detain me for some months.' [Haas 10] See Patents page on this website.

[about this time, or 1862-65] begins study of photography in England, with Arthur Brown? [Haas 10] There was an Arthur Brown listed as a photographer in 1854, London Street, Kingston. [Professional Photographers in Kingston-upon-Thames and surrounding areas 1854-1911, John Wilson, (Kingston Heritage Centre and the Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society, c. 1984) p. 4.] Note: Arthur Brown also name of person who helped with shutters etc, Palo Alto, 1870s. [Mozley 21]


December 3 Daily Alta California Volume XIV, Number 4668 (page 1) reports: 'MOVEMENTS OF CALIFORNIANS. A letter from Paris of Oct. 24th says: There has been a great influx of Californians within the past few weeks. [...] E.J. Muygridge was here a few days since, but has returned to London...'

** International Exhibition 1862 : Official Catalogue of the Industrial Department (Truscott, Son, & Simmons, London)
2037 MUYGRIDGE, E.J. 16, Southampton-st. Strand. - A washing machine, on the principle of a fulling mill.


August 12 Journal of the Society of Arts, p.636 'PATENTS ON WHICH THE STAMP DUTY OF £50 HAS BEEN PAID. 1914. E.J. Muygridge.'

** address: 'France, Paris -- 9 rue Cadet (1864)'. [GEH catalog records, online] From the 1870s or earlier this was the address of photographer M. Bertaud. (George Eastman House is unable to verify the address - email to SH from Joe R. Struble, Assistant Archivist, Photo Collection: 9 May 2007).


** letter to Philadelphia Photographer by 'EM' (possibly Muybridge) asking for advice re: taking portait photographs. [Hendricks 14]

November newspaper advertisements in England, Ireland, and Scotland for The Ottoman Company (Limited) list 'Edward J Muybridge, Esq, late Merchant, San Francisco, 4 Brompton Square, London' as one of nine directors. The advertisement's purpose was to 'Invite applications for the capital of The Bank of Turkey (Limited)' (First known use of the name Muybridge rather than Muygridge).


April 24 Chairs extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, The Bank of Turkey, at Clement's House, London. (Muybridge a Director). Bankers' Magazine and Journal...p.596

April / May Director of the Austin Consolidated Silver Mines Company (Limited).

May 17 Chairs extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, The Bank of Turkey, at Clement's House, London. (Muybridge a Director). Bankers' Magazine and Journal...p.710. Shareholders vote for the bank to be voluntarily wound up.

May 18 report of Bank of Turkey shareholders' meeting chaired by Muybridge, Daily News (London).

May brother Thomas leaves San Francisco for Walla Walla, Washington. [Hendricks 14]

June / July Special General Meetings of the Members of the Austin Consolidated Mines Company (Limited), Muybridge Chairman. [10th July 1866, The London Gazette, p.3946]

** around this time returns to San Francisco and apparently joins Silas Selleck, at the Cosmopolitan Gallery of Photographic Art, 415 Montgomery St., in photography business.


June-November Trip to Yosemite, with his 'Flying Studio', takes numerous photographs.

** San Francisco Directory gives address as 415 Montgomery (gallery). [Solnit 262]

November 2 Mariposa Gazette reports him still in Yosemite: 'A.M. Maybridge'. [Solnit 262]

** worked with Watkins 1860s? 'Edweard [sic] Muybridge - The Conquest of Motion. Part 1: Muybridge and Helios.....There in the early 1860's he learnt photography from the great landscape and survey photographer, Carlton E Watkins, becoming first his assistant and partner, then later his competitor, photographing hundreds of scenes for the railway companies...' (not confirmed).


** now listed as Edward J. Muybridge in San Francisco Directory 'landscape photographer, 415 Montgomery, resides Oakland.' [Solnit 262]

February offers Yosemite photographs under 'Helios' name. Brochure dated February 1868, issued from 415 Montgomery st., in Scrapbook. [Hood/Haas 10]. James E. Ayers says: '[earlier] photographs of the Yosemite Valley, credited to [Carleton E.] Watkins, could possibly have been 'ghosted' by Muybridge.' [Ayers] 'It has been suggested that he acted as an assistant to landscape photographer Carleton E. Watkins, but there is little evidence of this.' [Wikipedia]

February 12 San Francisco Bulletin praises Yosemite photos. [Hood/Haas 11]

February 17 San Francisco Call praises Yosemite photos. [Hood/Haas 11]

February 19 Daily Alta California praises Yosemite views.

March 4 Photographic Society of Philadelphia, 25 photos admired. [Hendricks 19]

April offers numerous Bay Area photographs.

April 22 offers to photograph private residences, animals, or views. [Hendricks 24]

May 14 presents Yosemite Valley photographs to Directors of the Mercantile Library. [Hood/Haas 12]

May 'announced that he was preparing mining scenes for publication'. [Hendricks 31]

Summer commissioned to photograph one of the U.S. Army's expeditions into the recently territorialized Alaska purchase.

July 29 sets sail for Alaska on board Pacific, takes many photographs, including some for War Dept.

August 4 at Esquimalt.

August 7 at Nanaimo.

August 13 at Fort Toingass.

August 15 at Fort Wrangle.

August 18 at Sitka. [Hendricks 24]

September 4 returns, arriving San Francisco.

October 13 letter to Muybridge: Alaskan photographs acknowledged by General H. W. Halleck, '...give a more correct idea of Alaska ... than can be obtained from any written description...' [Hood/Haas 14]

October 28 Daily Alta California reports that Muybridge has published photos of some of the 'worst injured' buildings, showing effects of Oct 21 earthquake. [Solnit 262]

November 19 San Francisco Daily Bulletin describes Muybridge's photos of Pacific steamship Colorado. [Solnit 262]

December 5 San Francisco Daily Bulletin - Muybridge selling his 'views' at 138 Montgomery St. [Solnit 262]

**Yosemite: Its Wonders and Its Beauties (1868), John S. Hittell. Photographs by Eadweard J. Muybridge "Helios". SAN FRANCISCO: H. H. BANCROFT & COMPANY, 609 Montgomery St., and 607-617 Merchant Street, New York: 113 William Street. The first Yosemite book with photographs; 20 original albumen photographs by Muybridge; tipped in by hand in every copy of the book. John Hittell commissioned Muybridge ". . . because no engravings could do justice to the scenes, or convey perfect confidence in the accuracy of the drawing of such immense elevations as those of Tutucanala and Tissayac."
Advertisement by Muybridge at back of book:
'EDW. J. MUYBRIDGE Has now made for sale the most comprehensive and beautiful series of Views, illustrating the wonderful SCENERY OF THE YOSEMITE VALLEY ever executed. They comprise 250 Views of the various Falls, Precipices, and most picturesque and interesting points of sight fit the valley.

**Helen Hunt (Jackson) writes in: Bits of Travel at Home (Publisher?): '..go and see Mr. Muybridge's photographs ... I am not sure, after all, that there is anything so good to do as to spend a forenoon in Mr. Muybridge's little upper chamber, looking over these marvellous pictures.' [Hood/Haas 16]


** San Francisco Directory: Muybridge, Edward J., landscape photographer, 121 Montgomery, res. San Jose.' [Solnit 263]

March Muybridge (as 'Helios') writes an article describing his Sky Shade, and sends it to the Philadelphia Photographer (published in May issue). Article transcription and drawings: [Mozley 110-111]

April becomes associated with the gallery of Arthur and Christian Nahl.

April Philadelphia Photographer publishes Photographic Society of Pennsylvania appreciation of Yosemite Valley series. [Hood/Haas 11]

May details of his invention, 'A New Sky Shade', published in the Philadelphia Photographer. [reproduced in Mozley, 110-111]

November Philadelphia Photographer features tipped-in prints of Yosemite Valley photographs (made from negs lent by Muybridge), and review. [Hood/Haas 11]


February or early March photographs Goat Island, submits prints to US army.

May 25 photographs laying of cornerstone of the San Francisco Mint, reported in San Francisco Daily Bulletin.

May 30 San Francisco Daily Bulletin advertisement for Mint photos. [Solnit 263]

June 7 photographs exhibited at Convention of Photographic Association of America, in Cleveland. [Hendricks 28]

early July travels up to the Geyser and Russian River country in Sunoma County. [Hendricks 28]

July visits Woodward's Gardens, photographs Chinese Giant. (Hendricks 28]

August 10 advertises in San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, photography of 'Private Residence, Horses, Monuments, Ships etc...' [Hendricks 29]

September 1 San Francisco Daily Bulletin announces stereocards of Woodward's Gardens. [Solnit 263]

Date(?) 1870 Programme. "9th entertainment of the Young Men's Society" [Inventory No.FF42, Smithsonian Muybridge collection]. Relevance not known.


Lighthouse print

January 13 letter to Colonel R.S. Williamson proposing to photograph lighthouses of the Pacific Coast. [Solnit 263] Hendricks says, letter re: finances for Light House trip. [Hendricks 29]

January 26 William Henry Pettee and other members of California Geological Survey visit Muybridge at lunchtime. 'His work invites comparison with Watkins (or anybody else) in all respects excepting size of picture.' [Solnit]

January 27 Pettee writes to Whitney proposing Muybridge as part of High Sierre Photographic Survey. [Solnit 263]

March-late April photographs lighthouses on Pacific Coast for US Light House Board. (First trip, c.15 March-c.29 April). [Hendricks 30]

** the California Geological Survey invites Muybridge to photograph for the High Sierra survey.

May 4 photographs of Point Reyes lighthouse sent to Light House board. [Martini, cited Solnit 263]

May 20 marries Flora Shallcross [Shawcross?] Stone (b.1851), who was married using the name Flora E. Downs, her original family surname. 'They were married in 1870 or 1871'. [Mozley 49] Others give 1872 as year of marriage. For correct details see entry: July 18 1871: San Francisco Morning Call. (Rebecca Solnit has correct information, from a later report of the trial). [Solnit 283]

July 4 photographs San Francisco parade of the miners of '49. [Solnit 263]

San Francisco Morning Call 18 July 1871, p. 4, col. 2.

July 18 San Francisco Morning Call: 'MARRIED' - 'MUYBRIDGE - DOWNS - In this city, May 20, by the Rev. Mr. Sawtelle, Edward J. Muybridge to Flora E. Downs.' Photocopy from California State Library provided by: []

July 31-early August photographs lighthouses on Pacific Coast for US Light House Board. (Second trip c.31 July for approx 10 days). [Hendricks 30]

December 11 Muybridge possibly in Arizona. '[Photographs] Pima County Courthouse in Tucson and the men in the photograph have been identified as the participants in the Camp Grant Massacre trial. The date is December 11, 1871.... This image exists in the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson as a copy of the original that was made in 1930... returned to the owner after a detailed description was taken...: "An enlargement from an original photograph 3x4 inches taken 1871 by an itinerant photographer and bears the stamp of Edw. J. Muybridge, Photographic View Artist, 12 Montgomery St, San Francisco, Calif"....the original photograph... might have been half of a stereoscopic view.
[See also: Rivers of Blood Don Schellie, p.30 etc.]


17 January San Francisco Bulletin: reception at Art Association. Albert Bierstadt present. Muybridge exhibited 'some very effective views of the Russian River Valley.' (prints?) [Solnit 263]

February 2 photographs laying of city hall cornerstone. His photograph of the plans for the building are enclosed in cornerstone. [Solnit 264]

Leland Stanford, photograph by Bradley & Rulofson. Previously in the collection of Charles B. Hall (1865-1966) of Philadelphia, present location not known.

April photographs home of Leland Stanford, 23 negs. Commences his instantaneous photography of horse movement at Union Park Race Course Sacramento racetrack. [Solnit 264] Or May? [Ott p288 says May, citing Haas who states 'we have only Muybridge's word for it']

April 7 Alta California: landscape painter Bierstadt 'made several suggestions to Mr. Muybridge, while in the Valley, and ... is, in fact, a patron and adviser.' [Hood/Haas 26.n.25]

April 26 Sacramento Union '[saw] last evening some very fine large size photographic negatives repesenting some of the most picturesque views of Yosemite Valley and other portions of our coast [by] Edward J. in Sacramento.' [Hend 45]

April 27 Sacramento Record reports that he is to take even larger neg views: 'proposes ... production ... large-size negatives illustrating the Yosemite...' [Hendricks 45]

May possibly, first horse photography at Union Park Race Course, Sacramento. [Ott p288 citing Haas, but Haas has no contemporary reports]

June-November visits Yosemite, photographs 'mammoth' negatives. 'Muybridge's fifty-one mammoth plates, made in 1872 ... confirmed his reputation as a preeminent landscape photographer. They were offered for sale by ... Bradley and Rulofson the following year. Perhaps to distinguish his work from that of other photographers of Yosemite, such as Watkins and Charles Leander Weed, Muybridge chose points of view that heighten dramatic intensity. His photographs are notable for the remarkable difficulty of the camera's placement. "He has gone to points where his packers refused to follow him," wrote one observer.' [online: Smithsonian American Art Museum]
[Source: Merry A. Foresta. American Photographs: The First Century (Washington, D.C.: National Museum of American Art with the Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996).]

June 19 or 20 Writer Helen Hunt Jackson meets Muybridge and his mule train cimbing into the valley. [Solnit 264]

June 21San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin 'Nineteenth District Court. ... Wilson, Hood & Co. vs. E.J. Muybridge, action to recover $762, value of goods sold by plaintiffs to defendant on the 22nd of April, 1872.'

June 24 The Alaska Herald, 24 June 1872 Vol.V No.107 p.54 [retrospective account] 'Just previous to the later General Halleck's departure East, he made a tour of inspection to Alaska Territory, and, by instruction of the Secretary of War, was accompanied by our celebrated photographic artist Muybridge, who made a series of the most picturesque and valuable photographs we have ever seen. The Hon, William H. Seward thought very highly of them and addressed Mr. Muybridge a very complimentary letter in acknowledgement of his appreciation. They comprise about three dozen stereoscopic views of Sitka, Fort Wrangle, (etc etc) '

November 16 Chicago Tribune 'Visitors to the Yosemite Valley - New Facilities for Travellers, Artists, and Photographers' '...Mr. Muybridge is now there, and Mr Watkins will start in a few days...' (From San Francisco Alta, Nov 4.) [Chicago Tribune]


March 22 Bulletin ...large views, 21 1/2 x 17 1/2, described. [Hendricks 45]

April 7 his photographs of horse Occident in motion announced. Success in freezing Occident's gait noted in Daily Alta California.. [Hendricks 47]

late April sets out to photograph Modoc Indian 'war'.

April 26 reaches Yreka, near Lava Beds. (but 29 April entry suggests later). [Hendricks 49]

April 29 San Francisco Chronicle re: Modoc War: 'E.J. Muybridge ... left for the seat of war yesterday with a full battery of chemicals - Ed. Chronicle.' [Hendricks 49]

May 2-11 photographs Modoc Indians and US soldiers in Lava Beds in northern California. (Around 70 photos taken). [Hendricks 49]

May 2 New York Times 'GENERAL NOTES.' 'A San Francisco photographer is declared to have obtained a perfect likeness of the horse Occident going at full speed.'

May 8 The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta, Ga. 'A Wonderful Photographic Feat.' 'The San Francisco Examiner says: some time ago, Governor Stanford, the owner of the horse Occident, which was made famous from having been beaten in a race with Goldsmith Maid, desired to have a photograph of the animal taken while said animal was going at full speed. Mr. Maybridge, the artist, was applied to, but he expressed his...' [Google news archive search]

Back of stereoview

** begins association with Bradley and Rulofson.

May 17 Yreka Union, 'Muybridge Views' - reports that negs will be sent to Bradley and Rulofson for printing/publishing. [Hendricks]

May 28 Janesville Gazette, The, 'Governor Stanford, the owner of the horse, wanted to secure a photo- of the animal while in full motion, and applied to one Maybridge (sic), an artist of some skill ...' (etc). [Google newspaper archive search]

June Bradley and Rulofson publish Catalogue of Photographic Views by Muybridge, Illustrating the Yosemite, Mammoth Trees, Geyser Springs, and Other Remarkable and Interesting Scenery of the Far West.' (429 Montgomery Street). [Hood/Haas 22]

June 1 article by Dr Phipson, Le Moniteur de la Photography 'the picture of a galloping horse.' [Mannoni (Crangle) 306]

June 15 Dr Phipson, Le Moniteur de la Photography, more on galloping horse photos. [Mannoni (Crangle) 307]

June 21 Harper's Weeky publishes five drawings based on his Modoc War photographs. [Hendricks 49]

late July landscape views are shown at Vienna Exposition, and receive a medal. [Hendricks 49] 'a first prize - medal of progress.' [Hamilton 27]

September 18/24 photographs the ship Costa Rica aground. [Hendricks 56]

October photographs San Quentin. [Hendricks 51]

November Anthony's Photographic Bulletin includes Muybridge? [Hamilton bibliog]

November / December quarrel over soiled print exhibited in Houseworth's shop window is in the San Francisco Bulletin, Nov 26 (Bradley & Rulofson), Nov 29 (Muybridge), and Dec 01 (Bradley & Rulofson, and Houseworth response.) [from Marta Braun, email to Stephen Herbert]

** photographs Central Pacific and Union Pacfic Railroads.

** exchange of correspondence in Alta California re: damaged Muybridge print exhibited in Houseworth's shop window. Transcriptions: [Mozley 111] [NOTE: Marta Braun states that this exchange is not in the Alta California but in the San Francisco Bulletin.

** also in 1873: Currier and Ives publish print, The California Wonder, Occident, based on Muybridge photographs.

** also in 1873: Friends' Intelligencer, p.508-511, published article by Susan Coolidge, in which she describes meeting Muybridge's mule train in Yosemite, and other details of his photography. [details courtesy Marta Braun]


April 15[some souces: 13th or 16th] birth of Florado (or Floredo) Helios Muybridge. [WWI draft registration card transcribed as 'Florado'.] However, Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 1, Number 34, 1 April 1875: 'Mrs Muybridge brings suit for divorce and makes additional allegations.' ..... 'On April 15, 1874, she bore to her husband a child, named George Down Muybridge....'

April 19 mother, Susannah Smith Muybridge, dies.

April 29 Sacramento Union reports son born to Flora. [Mac 18]

July. Flora's portrait appears annonymously on cover of The Philadelphia Photographer, who awarded their Gold Medal for six prints of Flora by Bradley & Rulofson. Solnit 131] (Around 1872 B&R took a series of portraits of a beautiful woman which they considered to be their most artistic work ever. They sent six prints to "The Philadelphia Photographer," the most important U.S. periodical on the subject, which published them and awarded their 1874 'Gold Medal' to B&R). [ref]

October 16 discovers Flora's affair, and believes that Floredo is the son of Harry Larkyns.

October 17 settles business affairs with Rulofson [Shimamura], then...kills Harry Larkyns at Yellow Jacket Mine, near Calistoga.

October 17 (to early February 1875) in Napa jail.

October 19 San Francisco Examiner reports Muybridge had shot Larkyns dead and had been arrested. [Mac 18]

October 19 Oakland Evening Tribune, '...the metropolitan press have a real good sensation case of Muybridge and Larkyns...' [Google newspaper search]

October 19 San Francisco Chronicle 'A Startling Tragedy' [Ball 408]

October 19 San Francisco Chronicle 'Harry Larkyns' [Ball 414]

October 20 San Francisco Examiner 'The Depth of Infamy' [Ball 414]

October 20 San Francisco Chronicle 'Major Larkyns' Fate' [Ball 408]

October 21 San Francisco Chronicle 'The Calistoga Tragedy' [Ball 408]

October 21 San Franciosco Bulletin 'Muybridge in Jail' [Ball 408]

December 8 indicted by grand jury for killing Harry Larkyns. [Haas 71]

December 14 wife Flora files for divorce and alimony.

December 21 San Francisco Chronicle 'The Fatal Amour' [Ball 408]

Also in 1874: Muybridge photograph/s published in: PALOU, Fray Francisco, O.F.M. Noticias de la Nueva California, escritas por el Rev. Padre Fr. Francisco Palou. San Francisco: Imprenta de Edouardo Bosqui y Cia., 1874. Four volumes. Illustrated with 18 original mounted albumen photographs. Second edition, limited edition (100 copies, introduction by John T. Doyle); the first edition was published in Mexico in 1857. A reprint of the writings of the first priest of the Mission at San Francisco. The views were taken by prominent photographers, including Bradley & Rulofson, John R. Jarboe, E.J. Muybridge, and W.W. Stewart.


January 11 San Francisco Daily Examiner: 'FLORA MUYBRIDGE filed a complaint in the 19th District Court on the 14th last December [1874], for a divorce from EDWARD J. MUYBRIDGE who is confined in prison on a charge of murder for having killed Major Harry Larkyns on the 17th of October last. The ground on which she petitions for a divorce is extreme cruelty.' [Transcribed by oluja995 at]

February 2 Napa Daily Register reports on trial. [Clegg 74]

February 2-5 on trial for murder of Larkyns.

February 2 and 3 The Post reports on case. [Hendricks 76]

February 6 acquitted on grounds of justifiable homicide.

February 6 San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin reports Pendegast's summation, etc. [Hendricks 76]

February 6 and 7 San Francisco Chronicle covers murder trial. [Hendricks 77]

February (early) Sacramento Union reports on murder trial. [Mac 147]

February 7 Alta California reports acquital. [Mac 18]

February 18 Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports: 'Edward J. Muybridge was acquitted at Napa, Cal., on the 5th, of the murder of Major Harry Larkyns. The jury discarded the theory of insanity, and acquitted on the ground that Muybridge was jusified in killing Larkyns for the seduction of his wife.'

February 18, Chicago Daily Tribune, 'THE closing scenes OF THE trial OF Muybridge FOR THE MURDER OF Harry ... ' [Google newspaper archive search]

mid/late February leaves for Central America (Panama, Guatemala) on photographic assignment, sponsored by Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Calls himself Eduardo Santiago Muybridge.

March arrives Panama.

March 9 Flora 'applied once again for alimony ... in the District Court'. [Mac 18]

March 10 Panama Star 'pleased to welcome to this city Mr Muybridge.' [Mozley 55] (Or March 16, or both?)

March 16 '...Panama City, where his arrival on March 16 was noted in The Panama Star: '...he comes here now to illustrate by views all the curious places that a traveler...' [Brochure to accompany exhibition Eadweard Muybridge: The Central American Journey, 2007, Smithsonian American Art Museum.]

March 24 San Francisco Daily Examiner: 'MUYBRIDGE has slipped off to South America, where he will take photographic views. He thus gets out of reach of his wife's demand for alimony.' [Transcribed by oluja995 at]

March 24 Trial and acquital reported in England. Western Times (Devon) . 'A man named Muybridge who had killed the seducer of his wife, has just been tried and acquitted in San Francisco. The jury scorned to take advantage of the plea of "emotional insanity," but boldly acquitted the prisoner on the ground that he served the seducer right.'

March 26 Trinidad Enterprise (Trinidad, Las Animas County), 'A STRIKING COURT SCENE. Jurymen in California Rejecting Even the Insanity Theory in Clearing a Man who has Killed his Wife's Seducer - A Bold Departure...A large crowd gathered in front of the court-room, and as Muybridge descended the steps a free man, they cheered vociferously and long. He was surrounded by the crowd, every man of which seemed anxious to congratulate him first....'

March 27 San Francisco Daily Morning Call reports on case. [Hendricks]

April 1 San Francisco Daily Examiner: 'Mrs. MUYBRIDGE has filled a new bill of divorce against her husband, and prays for the care of her child, and for alimony to support it, and for a division of common property. Judge Wheeler has directed MUYBRIDGE to show cause on Apr 2 why he should not comply with the usual preliminaries of such suits.'
[Transcribed by oluja995 at]

April 1 Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 1, Number 34, 1 April 1875. 'Mrs Muybridge brings suit for divorce and makes additional allegations.' ..... 'On April 15, 1874, she bore to her husband a child, named George Down Muybridge....' (Reprinted from San Francisco Post, March 31st.) [online newspaper search]

April 30 Flora's application for alimony granted.

May 1 San Francisco Daily Examiner: 'The application of FLORA MUYBRIDGE for alimony from E. J. MUYBRIDGE was granted, yesterday, by Judge Wheeler to the amount of $50 per month, pending the result of the action for divorce. Judge Wheeler remarked that as MUYBRIDGE is earning from $300 to $400 per month at his profession, and Mrs. MUYBRIDGE has a child to support it was only fair that alimony should be granted. The question of the circumstances which gave rise to the suit could not be taken into consideration.' [Transcribed by oluja995 at]

May 1 travels to Guatemala on S.S. Honduras. [Mac 19]

July 16 Calistoga Free Press comments on case. [Hendricks 74]

July 18 Flora dies.

July 19 Alto California and San Francisco Examiner report Flora's death. [Mac 19]

July 20 Stockton Independent reports Flora's death. [Mac 19]

August 14 San Francisco Bulletin reports divorce action dismissed - Mrs Muybridge recently deceased. [Mac 18]

** details of trip, arrival in Guatemala city, then excursions, then...

October 1 back in Guatemala city.

October 1 letter to Guatemala's wealthy offering prints for sale. [Mac 19]

** 'Muybridge made an eleven-part panorama of Guatemala City.' [Brochure to accompany exhibition Eadweard Muybridge: The Central American Journey, 2007, Smithsonian American Art Museum.]

October 17 sets off for Panama city.

November 1 back in Panama City.

November 1 Panama Star reports 'specimen prints could be selected.' [Mac 19]

November 5 photographs troops and officers in Cathedral Plaza. [Mac 19]

November Bradley and Rulofsen, exhibit Muybridge Yosemite photos. [??p.86]

November 27 arrives in San Francisco.

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