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News - (1 November 2004)

XL Video projects for Muybridge Festival

UK - XL Video supplied equipment and crew to HFM Lighting to help realize the projection of three separate giant moving images onto the curved fascia of Kingston-Upon-Thames Guildhall building. The 50ft high Guildhall was chosen because its circulator shape reflects the 'Zoopraxiscope' invented by Muybridge, which was used to animate film.

The Muybridge Festival celebrated the life and works of Eadweard Muybridge, one of the finest pioneering Victorian photographers who was born in Kingston in April 1830. The majority of his highly acclaimed experimental work was completed in America, and Muybridge is credited with being a founding father of modern cinema.

XL Video supplied three 17,000 lumen Barco ELM R18 projectors to transform Kingston High Street into a public gallery for two evenings as part of a wider series of Muybridge events and exhibitions.

Artistic director Robin Hutchison conceived the project, and projection was co-ordinated by Chris Birch of One 80 Degrees. HFM's Mick Scullion co-organized the production infrastructure and audio with XL Video's Paul Wood. Each projection measured 16m wide by 13m high. One R18 was trained centrally on the building's front portal, and the other two were lined up to flank either side, effectively wrapping the entire building in moving images. All three showed 15-minute loops, stored on two Doremi hard drives, with the two side projections being identical but different from the central images.

The specially created films were produced using original glass plates from the Muybridge archive, edited together in a series of inspirational animations made by Kingston University postgraduates combined with footage of contemporary dance artist Bode Lawler. The projectors were housed in three four-metre high weatherproof towers standing 15m away from the building, and the main road was closed for approximately six hours. Despite atrocious weather both evenings, over 500 people turned out to view the event.

After eighteen months of planning and pre-production, the first ever Muybridge Festival Projection was a phenomenal success and has established Kingston as a cultural hub for future innovative film related projects. The Festival, aimed at promoting talented young filmmakers, artists and composers, is now set to become an annual event.

XL's Wood said: "This was an excellent project to be involved with on several counts - because of the event's challenging nature, the relevance of the subject material to our industry and the fact that we were presenting historical cinematic images within a contemporary context."

For HFM Lighting, Scullion comments, "It was a hard call for the crew who battled tirelessly against gale force winds and torrential rain to deliver a spectacular show over the two nights. The end result was superb."

(Sarah Rushton-Read)


Kingston Odeon's international film festival

6:50am Friday 1st October 2004

By Chris Briddon

KINGSTON Odeon's annual international film festival will this month (October) mark the centenary of the death of Eadweard Muybridge, which will also form part of the Royal Borough of Kingston's wider celebration of the life and work of the pioneering photographer.

This year's line-up is divided into three strands - Cinema Unbound, featuring some of the most innovative films of the last forty years; Filmmakers of Tomorrow, giving a showcase to some of Kingston's young up-and-coming animators and filmmakers; and finally Muybridge Remembered, featuring rare screenings of Muybridge-related short films and a screen talk by Kingston Museum's Keith Hathaway.

Uniquely, a key screening of the rarely seen Eadweard Muybridge - Zoopraxographer, will take place at Kingston Museum. Many of the screenings will be introduced by local film experts, such as Surbiton Film Society's Hugh Peacock.

It is the first time such an innovative, multimedia film festival has taken place in Kingston and this year's festival also marks the closest collaboration to date between Odeon Kingston, Kingston University, Kingston Museum and Surbiton Film Society. Daniel Glennon, Odeon Kingston's marketing manager, said: "This is the third year we have presented a cultural film festival in conjunction with the council , but this is certainly our most ambitious line-up to date.

I'm really pleased that we are not only presenting some terrific films, but we are also giving a forum for some of the UK's finest up and coming animators and filmmakers. In addition I'm thrilled that we are able to contribute to Kingston's celebrations of one of the town's greatest sons, Eadweard Muybridge." The Muybridge Centenary Film Festival runs throughout October.

A brochure, giving details of the full festival line-up, can be obtained from the Odeon box office and selected outlets throughout the Borough.

Tickets for the film screenings are now on sale at the Odeon Kingston box office, by calling the Odeon filmline on 0871 22 44 007 or by logging onto

Tickets for the short film showcases are available from the box office only; tickets for the Kingston Museum screening are available from the museum.

The 14 screen Odeon Kingston will celebrate its second anniversary on October 18.

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