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April 2009

Studies in Mition deserves worldwide audience
"New" Muybridge portrait at Museum of Fine Arts
"Splendid Grief" opens at Stanford
STUDIES IN MOTION: trailer and reviews
Edwd. J. Muybridge - Venture Capitalist?
Sequences - Paul St George

May 2009

Animal Locomotion - "not one in twenty thousand would understand it"

August 2009

"Hauntings" wins three Calgary theatre awards

September 2009

Tate Britain exhibition dates announced

October 2009

125 collotypes offered in Swann Auction
Muybridge Project Assistant - Kingston
Muybridge on your iPhone
Study from the Human Body after Muybridge (Bacon)
Hiraki Sawa video "Migration" on show
New Muybidhe theatre piece at Stanford

November 2009

Free Muybridge Zoetrope
Brian Clegg at the British Library

December 2009

Helios: Corcoran Gallery announcement
Mini-Panorama of San Francisco
Muybridge in the parlor
The Last Zoopraxiscope Show?
Steidl announces Exhibition book

January 2010

Muygridge: Naturalized US Citizen?
Profilograph (after Muybridge)
On the Move: Visualising Action
Estorick Exhibition:reviews
Bull Leaping

February 2010

Michael Milburn Foster : new work
Galloping bed [Winsor McCay]
Animal Locomotion in photomontage
Muybridge Revolutions at Kingston
The Science of Walking and Running
Marta Braun lecture at McGill
Anita Ventura Mozley dies at 81
The Moving Image ... at Hove Museum
Heirs to Muybridge: Time (Lapse)

March 2010

Corcoran Gallery Exhibition Details
On the Move: catch it while you can
Rick Doble - computer artist
ENTITY - dance (Time Out review)
Zoopraxiscope - Leaving on a Jet Plane
Muybridge photographs: Swann Auction today
Ronald Reagan, Muybridge and Stanford, and Death Valley Days
Frost, Eakins, Muybridge, and the wonderful world of Coconino
Professor Abridge"s cartoon capers
The Space Between Time

April 2010

Every Wandering Cloud: palimpsest, layering, collage
Corcoran Muybridge Lectures
Helios: News and Reviews
Muybridge animations / inspirations on Vimeo
The Man Who Made Pictures Move: podcast and competition
Auction Records Set at Swann Galleries Photographs Sale
Critical Lives Series: a new Muybridge biography by Marta Braun
Time has transformed into furniture
Coffee Break (Guatemala)
Symposium: Eadweard Muybridge: Re-presenting History in the Digital Age

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