Stephen Herbert, b.1951. I live in Hastings, East Sussex, England.

I am a consultant working in museum research, technical development, display, and ergonomics.

I specialise in research concerning Early Cinema and Victorian optical entertainments, and also dabble in Early Television. I write, edit, and sometimes publish.

With partner Mo Heard, I set up a small publishing partnership The Projection Box in 1994, initially to publish small monographs on pre-cinema, optical toys, and early film. In recent years we have published more substantial books by specialists in the field. My own book The Dickens Daguerreotype Portraits has been made available as a print-on-demand colour publication from

The partnership celebrated its first decade with a small authors' party in 2006. (We're reasonably literate, but hopeless at arithmetic). We no longer publish, but we do still sell our back list.

My own work has also been published by others including Routledge, the British Film Institute, and The Magic Lantern Society.

I try to manage several websites: The Projection Box, The Compleat Muybridge, and The Wheel of Life, and in theory help Luke McKernan keep our Who's Who of Victorian Cinema website up-to-date. There's a Muybridge blog too: Muy Blog

I'm currently a Senior Research Fellow at Kingson University, London. (This is an honorary title.)

When not involved in the "Three Rs" (reading, riting, and researching) I'm sometimes to be found in my workshop building model aeroplanes, or out and about crashing them.

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