100 ANIMAL LOCOMOTION PLATES, animated for the web by UCR/California Museum of Photography.

ANNIE: GALLOP Muybridge's chronophotographs. In the space below, you can display Muybridge's photographs of a mare called Annie galloping.


1893 PAPER ZOOPRAXISCOPE DISC ANIMATED A couple waltzing [flickr]

ZOOPRAXISCOPE DISC ANIMATED #29 Mule Bucking and Kicking [flickr]. The original is hand coloured, in the Eastman Foundation Collection.

Muybridge videos on YouTube, Google Videos, Vimeo

A selection of the more interesting Muybridge-related videos on YouTube. I've chosen those which add to Muybridge's images, or manipulate them in some way, rather than just animating the photographs mechanically.

Kinetica Art Fair 2011 - Muybridge men

Early Photography-Muybridge and Motion.wmv

the man and the horse by Heinrich Eder

Teddington School @ Muybridge workshop

Muybridge in Kingston: returning to Liverpool Road

Layered Images to Motion Graphics in Photoshop CS5 - Part 1

Ceci N'est Pas Un Oiseau

Inspired by Edward Muybridge


Muybridge Animation

Time - the Art of Motion

Orpheus Celebrates at LAGG

Capturing Motion on Wetplate

Strike: Tate Muybridge project



Art Prize 2009

Time Stands Still

I broadcast my contact info online and asked people to tell me about an experience when time stood still. I wrote about a thousand of these experiences on the canvas to make the image of a running horse from Muybridge. It's currently being displayed at ArtPrize's Grand Rapids Ballet Co in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are at ArtPrize, vote up 36331.

Unsupported Transit aka Ghost Horse here
This sculpture by Michael Brown uses small mirrors with a reverse cutout of Eadweard Muybridge's galloping horse images. Light Emitting Diodes aimed at each mirror are quickly flashed, reflecting the image of the horse onto the frosted glass face of the Bell Jar. Illuminating the horses in the correct and reflecting the images in the same place on the jar reanimates Muybridge's galloping horses. For more information visit
2004 LEDs, electronics, mirrors, vinyl, bell jar (55 x 18 x 18)

Muybridge Chess Set here
Muybridge Chess Set doesn't do much, but as an idea and graphic design it's both amusing and accomplished.

Time Hop here
Kitch and 'cute'.

Magic Angle Sculpture here
A Magic Angle sculpture using a complex solid form to create shadow pictures - ingenious.

Still Beating here
'The heart of animation still beats, from Muybridge to our present day.' A reflection on Muybridge and the nature of time, and very well crafted.

Frames here
Frames - Muybridge Horse Moving Through Frames. A Muybridge galloping horse completes a nostalgic still life set piece.

Greeting Card with Muybridge Animations from norestudio on Vimeo.

Muybridge chair

L'Home qui marche

Leland Stanford on his pony, 1879. Animated by Marek Pytel.

A dialogue on the philosophy of movement in cinema / painting - cinema being represented by a Muybridge galloping horse sequence. The two enthusiasts gallop through more text than we would find in the average thesis, in a little over nine minutes. French language
Bergson Muybridge Deleuze

Zoetrope pumpkins
SFMOMA Staff Pumpkin Winner - Eadweard Muybridge

Horse sequence animated and subtly coloured
Horse of a different color

Muybridge inspired chair

Animated Muybridge sequences, with Philip Glass musical soundtrack
Philip Glass: PHOTOGRAPHER Act I "A Gentleman's Honor"

Experimenting with xerox and Muybridge pics
L'Homme qui Marche

Synth mix, with visuals in many graphic styles - including several manipulated Muybridge sequences
A.Herner (aakkooss) Bon Voyage mix (B version)

Heavily manipulated Muybridge images
MuyBridge Modernized

Students' animation
Muybridge Animation

Short film by Xavier Sanson
Le Cheval de Muybridge

Galloping horse in a praxinoscope
Muybridge ED. Praxinoscope-ZOOTROPE

Paper motion sculptures inspired by Muybridge sequences
Solar Powered Kinetic Animal Sculptures

Re-using motion information in Muybridge sequence
Rhino test based on Muybridge horse running

Funny-cartoon style horse and rider
Horse Animation (Edweard Muybridge)

Brief animation by Grant Harding
The Adventures of Muybridge

Interview with author of Muybridge poem
Author Rob Winger on Ottawa News

Toys animated, a la Muybridge sequences
(21) Stikfas Fun

San Francisco Panorama revisited
From Light To Night

Projections onto buildings, Muybridge's home town
Kingston in a new light