Letter to the editor of the Press (Philadelphia) 24 November 1887. [Eadweard Muybridge Collection, University of Pennsylvania Archives]

"...I have no doubt you will quickly discover many faults and imperfections in the plates; but please to bear in mind that an attempt to produce a series of illustrations which should take rank as works of high art formed no part of our premises [?] nor of our intention; whatever artistic qualities any of the plates may happen to possess in themselves should be considered as accessories only to the main purposes of the investigation; but in whatever light they may be viewed they are apparently considered of necessity to the art student; and of equal importance to the scientist...."

Muybridge asks for promotion in the Press newspaper between 5th and 14th November, but as the letter is dated 27 November, either: the letter should have been dated 27 October - OR: he meant for the publicity to be 5th to 14th December.