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Book Design

Paintings and Drawings

Photographs and Photomontage

Posters and murals

Sculpture, castings, ceramics, installations

Other art

Book design

Book cover, Volume 2 of Luz y Tiempo [details to follow]

Book cover, A Man's Game: Masculinity and the Anti-Aesthetics of American Literary Naturalism

[details to follow]

Book cover, The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt Wilhelm Genazino

[details to follow]

Book cover, Adam's Task. Calling Animals by name, Vicki Hearne

[details to follow]

Book cover, Cardinal Points, poems by Michael Pettit.

[details to follow]

Book cover, Hard Core, Linda Williams

[details to follow]. This book includes a brief section about Muybridge.

Paintings and drawings

Roy Amis

Muybridge to Infinity (2005), by Roy Amiss. Acrylic on canvas.

Website here.

Michael Milburn Foster

Man Performing a Straight Jump, by Michael Milburn Foster. One of several works (2008-2010) inspired by Muybridge's sequence photographs.

Website here.

Warrington Colescott

1872: Edward Muybridge Photographs Albert Bierstadt Painting Yosemite Valley

Warrington Colescott
h: 21.8 x w: 31 in /
h: 55.4 x w: 78.7 cm

Photographs and Photomontage


Photomontages by Seriykotik1970, posted on Flickr.
(Click on "Digital Photomontages" set).

John Donges

Title: finality

Photographer: John Donges (Flickr). Uploaded May 7, 2008.

Graham Milton

Graham Milton, Conceptual Art. More HERE.

Ian Ruhter

Capturing motion on wet plate, 2010.

Posters and Murals

Shusaka Arakawa

Munich Olympic Games, 1972.
Shusaka Arakawa

not known

Cannes Film Festival, 1985.

More posters (exhibitions) here.

Royal Photographic Society

Mural (somewhere on this site, maybe!) credited to Royal Photographic Society.

Sculpture, castings, ceramics, installations

See also STATUES

Randall Max Yaw

Muybridge Horse No.4 (c.2011)

Marco Brambilla

Pulse (1999)
Marco Brambilla.
Three-channel DVD. Colour, sound, rear projection. 01:48 min., loop.
Referencing Eadweard Muybridge's black and white motion-study photographs, Pulse presents life-size projections of male subjects aged 8, 14, 24, 48, and 76 running on electric treadmills set to 5.5 miles per hour. They wear heart monitors that trigger a strobe behind each subject. The speed of the individual sections is manipulated so that the strobes become synchronous to match the slowest heartbeat of the 24 year-old subject.


Adrienne Heinrich

Homage to Muybridge.

Adrienne Heinrich.
Cast rubber and horsehair. 12-5/8ins x 12-5/8ins. The proceeds from this lot will benefit the Clifton Arts & Music Festival, Cleveland, OH. Sold: $80.50. [c.2006]

Anna Frants

Jumping Jacks. From the series "Made in Ancient Greece" (2009).

Anna Frants.
"We are used to seeing the depiction of running or jumping athletes on the Greek vases. Five ancient amphorae in this installation have the same subject, except that, instead of the familiar red or black figures, we see on them videos based on Muybridge's photographs "Human Figures in Motion" taken only about a century ago. This work of the 21st century could be called "post-post-modern" in that it proves that everything old (or very-very old) is new again. In collection of Museum of Art and Design, NYC"
Video here.

Photo here:

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek


Dimitri Vangrunderbeek.
Dezeen (Design) magazine:
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Pablo Garcia

Profilograph (after Muybridge).

Pablo Garcia (pablo garcia/POiNT) outlines the profilograph technique on his website:

Richard Hutten

Muybridge chair


Mike Kann

Muybridge chairs


Lawrence Noble

Muybridge sculpture/statue


Other art

Pino Antonelli

Eadweard Muybridge, from Storia della Fotografia a fumetti
Pino Antonelli [details not known]